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Why Veli Partners?

Conversion & value

You will be promoting online casino and sports brands with local licenses in lucrative markets

Marketing tools

Assets can be exclusively tailored to your needs and your traffic, optimising and adding value to your activity

Experience & expertise

Access to years of industry experience to support your campaigns and help you maximise earnings

Dedicated account manager

You will have your own contact person

Intuitive reporting

Easy to understand and regularly updated reports let you keep track of your activity and commissions anytime

Timely payouts

A minimum of €50 will be accurately paid to your preferred payment option by 15th of the month



Our performance based commission structure gives you the opportunity to earn a share of lifetime revenue, based on your new depositing players/month.
0-10 FTD’s
11-30 FTD’s
31-50 FTD’s
51+ FTD’s


Velipartners have multiple brands in different markets, all licensed!
Choose between the Danish brands: and or which is available in multiple African countries.
You can promote one brand or multiple brands. You decide!

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What do you get from Veli Partners?

At Veli Partners we understand that you want to work with a program that respects and understands your needs as an affiliate. You'll get great marketing tools and generous commissions.

Do I need a website to join?

Yes - you may have one or your may have multiple websites, but our team will need to review and confirm every place from which you will promote us.

Is it free to join?

Veli Partners is completely free to join. All you have to do is click on the 'Sign Up' button and you are on your way. Once your account is approved you'll be able to promote our brands immediately.

How do I earn money?

Start earning money with Veli Partners with these easy steps! 1. Register with Veli Partners. 2. Once your account is approved, login to to get your marketing material. 3. Promote your chosen brands on your site(s) using your unique tracking links. 4. Earn commission on depositing players you send to us. method.

What is my revenue share?

We reward our affiliates depending on how many FTD's (first time depositors) they bring. Everyone starts off at the competitive rate of 25%, with the possibility of earning up to 40% on your players' losses!

How often will I get paid?

Veli Partners pay monthly no later than the 20th of the month

Which payment methods can I use to cashout?

Veli Partners gives you a choice of payment methods to use for commission payouts, including - Wire transfer - Neteller - Skrill

Where can I see my payments?

You will be able to see a history of your payments in your affiliate account, which you can check at any time.

How do you track my players?

We use market leading affiliate software created by industry experts. The unique tracking links that you use allows us to identify the players that you send and to track all their activity in our system. When you login to your account you can access all the reports you need to track performance.

Can I track my traffic coming from different sites?

Not only can you do this, but we recommend you do this! Our system allows you to create tracking links that will let you monitor performance according to how YOU want to monitor it. If you want to create links for different areas on your site you can do this. If you want to create links for different sites, then go ahead. There's no limit to how many links you can create!

How often is the data updated?

You can access the reports at any time of day or night by logging in to your account. All our data is updated on a daily basis.

What marketing materials are available?

Veli Partners offers great marketing tools including banners, logos and direct links to help you promote our brand. We're very fussy about this, and don't allow our partners to create their own banners. This will help us to keep our branding consistent and it will help you as you won't need to change banners as we'll do it for you automatically. Remember to always use a tracking link when you use one of our banners.

Do you mind where I market you?

Yes we do! They types of sites where we're marketed is very important to us, so please make sure you read our terms and conditions carefully. Generally speaking though, if you have a legitimate casino affiliate site/s then there shouldn't be any problems.

I can't see what I need - can I ask for bespoke marketing materials?

If there's something that you want but can't see, just ask. We'll be happy to create or provide bespoke materials for you. If you need information for a review then speak to your account manager and we'll delighted to get you everything you need.

We're happy to answer any questions you have and aim to respond within 24 hours.

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